Cake orders and bookings are recommended as soon as the date and theme has been determined. Each cake design is differ from the complexity of design, hours of art work and craftmanship. We work closely with you to ensure the cake design and budget you have in mind. 

Please take note that we accept orders 2 weeks in advance. We would like to hear from you in the early stage of your planning.

Terms of Payment

70% upon confirmation and 30% 2 days before delivery. Once the cake has been confirmed it cannot be refunded or canceled.


Your cakes can be pick-up without additional cost. Just let us know what time are you picking up your cake.

Delivery and Set-up

Price of the delivery fee may vary depending on the location. Larger cakes delivery and setup fee may vary depending on the cake and delivery location. We want to ensure our clients that each of our creation will be delivered at its best condition.