Popcakes Bakeshop was established in 2007 at Mandaluyong City with home-based operations but a market-reach covering all cities of Metro Manila and some developing South Luzon provinces like Cavite. Popcakes specializes in the production of concept-desserts with personalized designs and packaging to cater to special events like family reunions, birthdays, weddings, baptisms, etc. Popcakes also offers concept-cakes for corporate clients for business events, company giveaways, and more.

Our Goal
The Popcakes Bakeshop team is driven to provide its clients the perfect yet affordable quality delightful treats to make their special occasions all the more memorable. We develop delicious desserts for any given celebration through the perfect blend of creativity and innovation of our designs, sophistication and delectability of our flavors, and our professional customer-oriented services. 

Our Passion
Our passion for baking and in guaranteeing satisfaction to our customers makes the Popcakes Bakeshop the number one choice when it comes to quality desserts for parties and events. We pride our self with years of research and product development to achieve perfection in taste, texture, and aesthetics in our cakes; especially in the production of Popcakes (cakes on a stick), our top-selling and most recognizable, saleable and in demand product.

Although numerous bakeshops sprout here and there, offering similar-looking products and services, one bite of our cakes and we are confident you’ll fall in love.

Allow us to invite you to experience our mouthwatering melts-in-the-mouth desserts. Call now!!